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Recruitment Process

RTB's recruitment process is designed as a comprehensive recruitment service which includes in-depth expert talent acquisition, market research, transparent processes, profiles and resumes of future candidates for other roles and full-service candidate placement with a hybrid cost structure.  

Advantages and Features:

  • Weekly reporting/access to real-time RTB applicant tracking system.

  • Summary of all candidates sourced/screened for future client reference.

  • Active feedback loops with candidate keeping qualified candidates engaged or exploring questions candidates or client may have to clarify mutual interest.

  • Customized screening

  • Reference checks (if requested)

  • Offer negotiation/extension (if requested)

  • Placement follow-up if needed.

  • Provides a more comprehensive landscape of candidates to consider with an ongoing flow of qualified and viable candidates. Other firms only send along their top three or four candidates hoping the client believes those are the only candidates to consider.

  • With a pre-determined “Target Project Cost” clients are insulated from recruiters artificially inflating candidate salaries for a larger fee.

Investment Example:

  • $100,000 base salary, Target Project Cost (TPC) is 10% of base salary, TPC = $10,000.

  • RTB Hourly rate of $80/hour

  • The average search time is 80 hours.  $80.00 X 80 hours = $6,400 billed throughout the process.

  • Successful candidate placement triggers a “true-up” invoice for the difference between the billed hours and TPC.  ($10,000 - $6,400) = $3,600 due upon first day of hire.

  • If a candidate is placed that RTB did not source but helped in screening or processing, no “true-up” fee will be due.

  • If recruitment hourly expenses exceed the TPC there is not a refund for exceeding TPC.

  • If this search is paused for any reason and resumed within 90-days the accumulated billed hours to date will be counted against any future true-up placement fee.

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