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Case Study:
Tech Start-Up - Multiple Positions

The Client

A Silicon Valley SaaS start-up in hypergrowth mode. Second round of funding secured and growing at 5X per year.  20 employees at onset of contract expanding to over 75 presently.

The Challenge

With a tremendously strong response from the market the founder needed an aggressive campaign to fill the pipeline with candidates to double in size in less than a year.  The client had very specific requirements for the profiles of candidates that would be acceptable, namely that the candidate had to have been promoted within the last year at a competitor.

The Strategy

RTB & Associates partnered with the founder and the executives to develop and define the targeted profile to meet the demanding requirements of viable candidates.  Candidates were required to have 5+ years of experience, with a recent promotion in the last 12 months to demonstrate their ability to perform at a high level.  The client had a strong preference for diversity, specific software competitors and cultural alignment. We developed an intensive campaign of sourcing candidates and implemented a multi-touchpoint outreach process weaving in RTB, key executives from the client, along with various platforms to engage candidates. The focus of the search was for positions such as Sr. Customer Success Managers, Sr. Account Executives, Director of Demand Gen., HR Talent Manager, Integrated Marketing Manager, Rev Ops Engineer, and Account/Business Development Reps.

The Result

RTB & Associates partnered with the founder and his executives to place 10 high caliber candidates in all roles.  Three of these candidates have been promoted in the past 18 months.  RTB continues to work with challenging roles and partners with the HR Director they placed with the client on HR consulting areas.

Client Feedback

"Over the past year, Bob has been an integral extension of our people operations team. He invests time into understanding the business and how the roles he recruits for fit into the organizational strategy. His sense of urgency and level of collaboration makes him enjoyable to work with, and we were able to double our headcount in critical areas with his expertise. Not only is he knowledgeable in sourcing and interviewing strategies, but he has also been a great partner in thinking through human resources topics and best practices."

– Director of Human Resources

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