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Case Study:
Market Research Client - Head of Growth

The Client

A 30+ year old market research organization in the northeastern US with 50 employees.  Strong reputation in local geographic service area with competitive advantage of faster research than other organizations in their class.

The Challenge

Having enjoyed significant market share in the N. Eastern US, the executive team set out to transform sales and marketing to increase market share in existing geography as well as expand into other geographic markets.  The client sought an experienced executive from outside their industry to bring a fresh perspective. 

The Strategy

RTB & Associates partnered with the CEO to refine expectations of the role, brainstorm priorities of the transformation and distill these needs into the position of Head of Growth.  An ideal candidate profile was developed that included strong strategic marketing experience, hands-on digital marketing expertise and leadership acumen for sales and marketing professionals. RTB immediately focused research, networking, sourcing, and outreach to candidates matching the profile. The client outlined their desire for a thorough vetting and interview process with multiple stages.  This process required constant candidate nurturing throughout the process.

The Result

RTB & Associates partnered with the client to place a strong candidate who had 20 years of experience in marketing and sales with a larger market research company.  Our candidate had the combination of leadership, strategic perspective paired with scalable hands-on digital marketing experience.

Client Feedback

"If you're hiring for a crucial position, you need Bob! We were looking for an A Player in an executive position to lead our company through next level growth. He sourced top-notch candidates and got them excited about the opportunity. He also assisted us with the job description, compensation range, and even the onboarding process. He did a fantastic job for us all the way through!"


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