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Case Study:
Managed Service Provider Start-Up - Multiple Positions-Fractional HR

The Client

A growing telecommunications managed service provider located in the northeastern US scaling quickly from 4 to 20 employees.  Positioned well within their service niche along with key national partnerships.

The Challenge

Reacting to tremendous growth the client was faced with implementing HR best practices along with aggressive needs for professional positions at all levels within the organization, in addition to bringing in-house all distribution operations and setting up a new distribution center. The client needed to quadruple in size in 12-18 months and had very specific requirements for behavioral and cultural fit.

The Strategy

RTB & Associates partnered with the CEO and VP of Sales to develop and define the targeted profile to meet the specific technical niche of the positions. RTB integrated into the existing ATS and streamlined process for candidate attraction and workflows along with developing a pipeline of candidates from sourcing and networking activities.  Aware of the profiles the client had, and the extensive vetting process a multi-pronged approach was developed for constant candidate flow.  The focus of recruitment was for; Technical Account Manager, Purchasing Manager, Warehouse Operations Director, Controller, Sales Account Manager, Solutions Architects, IT Technician, Executive Assistant, Warehouse Associates, and Sales Support roles.

The Result

RTB & Associates successfully partnered with the client to scale the organization to 20 staff in 18 months.  Additionally, RTB coordinated benefit enhancements, implementation of a new ATS and designing a formal performance management program for the organization. RTB continues to work with challenging roles and ad-hoc HR consulting.

Client Feedback

"Bob was great for many reasons. Our company has been rapidly growing over the past 2 years and Bob has helped us go from a 4-person company to over 20 people in short succession. He was able to adapt quickly to feedback and provide thoughtful advice to help us find the "right" talent we needed to establish our core team. We have very specific criteria we look for both from a cultural and behavioral fit for the roles Bob helped us fill. Despite these requirements and the present state of the job market, Bob was great at being able to adapt and help fill many key roles in our organization. We have successfully hired some great talent as a result of Bob's help, and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for someone looking to bring on people during these challenging times. We tremendously appreciate all of his help and hard work!"

- President

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