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Case Study:
Professional Services Client - Attorney-Surge Hire

The Client

Initially a 200 employee professional services and accounting firm based in Los Angeles and Atlanta in a high growth environment.  Became part of one of the worlds’ largest information services organizations.

The Challenge

Due to the everchanging landscape of compliance and tax during and post-Covid our client had a surge hiring need of 8 Attorney’s to respond to their client’s demands.  Candidates were required to be top-tier and matching the specific experience requirements in a specific geographic area during Covid. The client required sourcing, screening, vetting, and hiring all positions within 6-weeks.

The Strategy

RTB & Associates partnered with the SVP and hiring team to outline a comprehensive and efficient process from identification through screening and interviewing and onto offer and acceptance. The sheer volume of candidates required to meet the expectations of the client was significant and required RTB to mobilize all resources to canvas all viable profiles.  RTB immediately focused research, networking, sourcing, and outreach to candidates and managed flows of hundreds of candidates in various stages. This process required constant communication and coordination with the client and stakeholders.

The Result

RTB & Associates were able to successfully hire 8 attorneys with the precise specifications for the client within the 6-week timeframe.  The process we implemented resulted in doubling the efficiency of the in-house recruitment team of our client.

Client Feedback

"Bob excellently identified candidates that met our needs. Our hire rate on candidates sourced by Bob was 2x higher than our corporate recruiter."

"Bob was excellent to work with ...again! Our firm has hired Bob for multiple professional level positions and he always delivers."

- Sr. Vice President

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