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Our recruitment approach

Our experience

  • Experience & Commitment to genuine relationship satisfaction

  • HR Executive leadership experience to truly understand hiring needs

  • 25 years of experience conducting thousands of placements

  • Knowledge of company and employee pain points, cultural fit priority, and the changing field of our industry focus

  • Reveal out-of-the box possibilities of employees that succeed best in an organizations unique culture


Our approach

Understanding - thorough discussions of culture, management style, staff style, unique attraction and challenges of our client's company

Long Term Focus - deep vetting and understanding of the best fit for the employee, not just placing based on qualifications, we seek a long-term connection

Transparent - communication and status updates with clients and candidates to maintain utmost engagement

Thorough - detailed screening information for both candidate and company

Commitment - confirmation phase for client and candidate to identify flags, salary negotiations, counter-offer avoidance, and client on-boarding preparation


Our Talent Platform

Our talent pipeline and intelligent grid provides RTB & Associate's clients unparalleled transparency and access. Our access to the people search engine combines over 95 data sources including the entire social web, publicly available data sets, privately sourced and premium data of over 500 million people worldwide. Our client portal allows us to invite hiring managers, HR professionals, and in-house recruiters to view jobs and collaborate in real-time.

Digital Work

Our Clients

RTB & Associates has successfully worked with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  Our clients operate in Saas, financial services, employer services, engineering, e-commerce, marketing, facilities services, telecommunications and information technology.

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