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Performance Consulting Services

Performance Management

Are your employees getting genuine feedback that drives performance maximization? Does your performance management process add value or need customization to fit your culture? Discover out-of-the-box thinking with our partnership.

Employee Relations

Do you have a particularly thorny employee relations issue? Is there a need for a second set of eyes or simply some coaching on correctly framing the discussion on a sensitive employee issue? Use RTB & Associates experience to re-think employee relations.

Claims and Investigations

Are you facing a possible claim or investigation? Sexual harassment, hostile work environment, discrimination, retaliation, leaves of absence, or ADA violations are areas we can work with you and be the third-party investigator or partner with counsel.

Change Management / SWOT

Is top management bought in steps ahead, while line staff are not even digesting minor or major changes? Are there major transitions, acquisitions, re-organizations in sight and a thought out genuine change management strategy needed?  Is there a particular department that needs a boost to understand their strengths and weaknesses?  RTB & Associates will provide intentional guidance and partnership for these critical transformations.

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Are you a start-up or in a high growth phase? Do you need support in developing an overall system to grow and scale your organization?  RTB & Associates has in-depth experience with scaling multiple clients and will provide support and leadership to achieve your growth goals.

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