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HR Department Services

HR Coaching

Do you have new HR staff, no HR staff, or need more confident experience in HR?  Would you feel more conviction in your decisions with ongoing consult from an experienced HR executive?  We provide HR coaching tailored to your organization and staff’s experience.

Outplacement Services

Do you need to provide resources to downsized or terminated employees to get them to their next company or job? Do you need a partner to assist with a dignified and respectful layoff or termination?  RTB & Associates will serve as the resource to you for resume creation, job search, and transition.

HR Start-up/Small Business

Are you a small business that isn’t large enough to hire an HR Staff member, yet need HR services?  Are you looking at starting an HR Department and need assistance in hiring that key team member to develop this critical department?  RTB & Associates has specific experience with HR department start-ups with experts that have started and grew departments for business from $10MM in revenue to up to $1BB.

Recruitment Outsourcing

Do you have a key recruiter or hiring manager on leave or unable to provide the recruitment resources you need at a specific time?  Do you need some extra horse power for a specific search? Our recruitment experts will help you with all recruiting for your organization.

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